Wheel Terminology (Understanding The Basic Lingo)

If you’re just starting off in the custom wheel world, then a lot of the terminology and lingo used can really make things confusing! But, we’ve got the trick to help guide you along the way! Take a quick look at these definitions, and brush up on your wheel terms!


The spokes are the stems that connect the outer edge to the plate. The designs come in many different styles and there are no set numbers, although 5 spokes are generally the most common.


The center piece of metal where the bolt holes are located. This connects everything to the back plate and is the core of the wheel.

Center Bore

The center bore is the hole in the very center in which fits the end of the axle. It balances the weight to keep the wheel on the vehicle, as the lugnuts are primarily used to keep the wheel itself on the axle.

Wheel Terminology (Understanding The Basic Lingo)

Bolt Circle

This is the area in which the circle of lug bolts is centered on the wheel. The diameter is referred to as the bolt circle diameter, and when combined with the number of bolts it creates the bolt pattern.

Hopefully these simple terms will help you on your way to becoming a wheel expert. Test your skills with this terminology at Tire and Wheel Master and chat with our experts about which wheels are right for your car.

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