Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps in Houston, TX! TWM offers wrap design and vinyl wrap installation to create a totally new and energized look of your vehicle. With a vehicle wrap you will be changing the color of your car, truck, or SUV without actually painting it. We have a wide range of colors, finishes, and materials to choose from, in stock.

The vinyl wrap is molded to almost any and every part of a vehicle, transforming the complete appearance of your car, truck, or SUV. We safely mold the vinyl wrap material around the parts of your vehicle using a heated gun.

A vehicle wrap will not damage the paint of your vehicle and can be easily removed without much effort. The vinyl wrap also protects the paintwork of your vehicle from scratches and chips caused by normal wear and tear. This also allows you to individually re-wrap sections that have been damaged by rocks and debris on the road.

We do full body vehicle wraps, half or partial vinyl wraps, such as; roof, mirrors, bumpers, emblems, and detail trim.

Get Your Car Wrapped


Expert Craftsmen In-House

The best results come from the best craftsmen. That’s why we hold our in-house technicians to the highest level of standards. Your happiness, and our business relies on it.

We Even Wrap Wheels

Ever on the cutting edge, we don’t just wrap vehicles — we can even wrap your wheels to give them a fresh finish.

Blackout Kits

Drag the handle on the image to see the difference a blackout kit can make.

Blackout items added:

  • Grille
  • Hood ornament
  • Window trim
  • Window tint
  • Headlight tint
  • Bumper accents
  • Mirror-mounted turn signal tint

Please note, we can do gloss, or matte treatments.

Why Should You Wrap Your Car?

Protect Your Vehicle

Applying a vinyl wrap to your car can be a means of protection. Vinyl has very strong protection qualities that will help maintain your vehicles resale value and keep your paint job in good condition. The Sun’s UV rays, road gravel, dust and dirt can harm your car’s paint. A high-quality vinyl will provide protection for years and years.

Color Won’t Fade

Vinyl’s color doesn’t fade over time, so if you need to replace a panel, it will be as seamless as the day it was applied. Paint, however, does fade over time. So if your vehicle needs to re-paint a panel, at the very least they will have to over-spray onto neighboring panels to minimize the color variation.

The Imagination’s The Limit

Unlike paint, if you want something crazy like a full flame job, or a racecar livery, or a digitally printed promotional piece on the side of your vehicle — these are all easy with vinyl. And FAR less expensive than paint. Then, when it’s time to sell the car, simply peel off the vinyl and your paint is as good as the day it was wrapped.

Our Guarantee

If you live in Houston, TX, you’re probably already aware of “shady mechanics”. There are many shops out there that are notorious for doing work that doesn’t need to be done, charging extra for erroneous services, and having bad business practices. With Tire and Wheel Master, it’s a priority of ours to establish ourselves in the off road shop business. We guarantee all products and services to be 100% of high quality, and we want you to tell your friends about us so we can grow even bigger!