Exploring The Different Types Of Shocks

There are several types of shocks in the market, and if you’re thinking about adding some for your off-road adventures then you might want to do a little research first! Let’s take a quick look at the many different options of shocks you can choose from when deciding to equip your vehicle!

Monotube Shocks

These particular shocks offer better resistance towards the harshness of off-road driving. Monotube shocks are often used by professionals, such as NASCAR, due to their high pressure and cooler higher operating temperatures.

Twin Tube Shocks

These types of shocks are generally “entry-level” or beginner shocks, and are perfect for the occasional off-roading driver. Its design involves the use of hydraulic oil and nitrogen gas, making it cost-efficient to build. The hydraulic oil works to dampen the shock, as the nitrogen gas pressurizes, helping to reduce the foaming of liquid. Dependable and long-lasting, you can’t go wrong with twin tube shocks.

Reservoir Shocks

Reservoir shocks are similar to monotube shocks but offer a tad bit more. Even in the most difficult off-roading environments, these shocks will continue to produce excellent performance. Equipped with an additional reservoir which, if needed, can hold additional oil or air space when needed.

Exploring The Different Types Of Shocks

If you’re thinking about getting shocks for your off-roading vehicle, then take a look at what we have to offer at Tire and Wheel Master! Our helpful staff members will be ready to assist you with any questions or concerns, and guide you to the correct shocks you’ll need for your car.

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